Sunday, 1 May 2016


they're quite heavy!

My knees have recovered nicely but inclement weather, other commitments and a dose of the latest viral cough have limited my activities recently. When I have been out I have used my old walk/run routine. I have, however, starting using my trusty wrist weights again.

I know that there are different views about wrist weights. From my perspective, a bit of resistance is very useful and makes a major difference if I'm not running the full distance.

One piece of news is that I have acquired a new book. 

This was recommended by Henry Hyde in his recent editorial in Miniature Wargames. Thanks Henry! As an old bloke with Type 2 diabetes, this provides some much needed advice on diet and exercise. I'm now considering taking the eight week diet on board, seeing as it has done Henry so much good. I'll report back

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rehab D+2


After a very enjoyable run on Friday morning I decided to have another go at the longer run on Saturday. Although I needed to take it easy, I successfully got round most of the course.

I had another go today and did just as well. Lovely morning too. Not my photo but it looked just like it!

Key learning point, don't over do it! My left leg and knee now seem to be back to normal, not brilliant but certainly in a fit state for running. That really is a relief.

Friday, 8 April 2016


having a rest is a good idea!

I have not had a run since last Sunday and have been suffering a variety of pains and numbness in my left leg. All of which might be totally expected form over doing it. My concern was that it would have more than a temporary effect.

I'm off with the kids today so decided to have a bit of exercise with C25K. This is a free app that has a nine week walk/run coaching schedule that takes you from being a fat lump nailed to the sofa to running a 5K. I must say it is very effective.

Today I ran one of the week 2 exercises around the estate where I live which is pretty hilly located as it is in the Daventry foot hills.

In the olden days...the hills are just as big now
After 40 minutes of exercise I feel pretty good. My leg is OK (I used the knee support just in case). One interesting thing is that I used specially designed running socks which helped with the fit of the shoes and felt a lot more comfie. I think I'll do the same again over the weekend. Things are looking up!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Day off with the posh people.....

but not the gates to hell

With my leg playing up yesterday I was grateful to take eldest daughter and chums to survival swimming at Rugby School (a GCSE not a hobby!). Obviously the epicenter for rugby (even rugby league!) and extremely pleasant. Having lived in the Midlands now for 20 odd years I had not so far walked around the school. Very nice as you can tell from this.....

I still feel strangely relaxed as a result.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Day 5.....

Day off!

Well, not planned anyway. I started off at 0745 this morning only to find my leg completely gone after 1 km. I did walk the route (44 minutes all in) just to keep my hand (leg!) in. I'll have to think about tomorrow when I get there.

In the meantime, here is a nice picture of the dam that holds in the reservoir.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Day 4......

Darkest before dawn?

Well, usually that is because it is the middle of the night! In my case today was very difficult........

Typical view half way round, nice
Starting conditions

Weather: 6 C, dull and cloudy, light rain.
Start time: 0800
Weight: 14 stone 5 pounds (curry!)
Warm up: Two paracetamol, nice cup of coffee, one slice of toast with jam and knee support.
Kit: Shorts, shirt, running jacket.
Course: 5033m cross country with a 32m gradient as before but yet again had to cut off the last 200m. 


Time: 35 minutes. 
Satisfaction rating: 20% Major knee problems today. Totally disorganised and got worse during the run. 
Ideas: Nil.
Adventures: Overtaken by a man in pyjamas shouting into his mobile.
Warm down: Coffee and a two finger KitKat.
Do differently: I may have to rest up tomorrow. Very disappointing.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Day 3......

Still on track!

Yes, I had to raid my old walking kit yesterday to track down a knee support and elastic bandage. Luckily they were exactly where I had left them 15 years ago!

Starting conditions

Weather: 4 C, sunny with a light wind, low cloud same as yesterday but not yet dispersed so not as warm.
Start time: 0756
Weight: 14 stone 5 pounds (revenge of the Easter egg!)
Warm up: Two Ibuprofen, nice cup of coffee, one slice of toast with jam and wrestling with bandages.
Kit: Shorts, shirt, running jacket. I left off the hat today to avoid overheating.
Course: 5033m cross country with a 32m gradient as before but again had to cut off the last 200m. 


Time: 35 minutes. Quite good given the circumstances.
Satisfaction rating: 70% Despite the problems with my leg the run was enjoyable. No problems with stamina or rhythm. 
Ideas: Dragoons Rampant.
Adventures: Nil. Almost no one about today.
Warm down: Coffee and a two finger KitKat.
Do differently: I'll try the same thing again tomorrow. The only thing on my mind is whether the new running shoes are affecting my left foot and that in turn is impacting on my calf and knee. I could try my old boots and see if that is better.

If anyone were to ask about my objectives then they are twofold:
  • to run a 5K and enjoy the experience
  • to obtain a reasonable time
In terms of time, given that I'm 58 this year, I'm looking at 25 minutes as a starting point. Age adjusted that is around 20 minutes so would not be a bad result. Still some way to go!