Sunday, 1 May 2016


they're quite heavy!

My knees have recovered nicely but inclement weather, other commitments and a dose of the latest viral cough have limited my activities recently. When I have been out I have used my old walk/run routine. I have, however, starting using my trusty wrist weights again.

I know that there are different views about wrist weights. From my perspective, a bit of resistance is very useful and makes a major difference if I'm not running the full distance.

One piece of news is that I have acquired a new book. 

This was recommended by Henry Hyde in his recent editorial in Miniature Wargames. Thanks Henry! As an old bloke with Type 2 diabetes, this provides some much needed advice on diet and exercise. I'm now considering taking the eight week diet on board, seeing as it has done Henry so much good. I'll report back

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